Sunday, September 29, 2013

[Article] iPhone 5S LTE vs WiFi performance

The best thing about the iPhone 5S is LTE. It’s a massive upgrade from the crappy 3G speeds of SoftBank. Even though it is still SoftBank, maybe because the LTE user base is low, the speeds are very good. When iPhone 5 was released, I’ve heard some people in the US say that their LTE performance was better than their Wi-Fi performance. That could be because I they have shabby internet at home. I wanted to see if this is true with me as well.

But I’m in Japan, hence I get very fast internet at home. 100~200Mbps both ways, provided by OCN via NTT’s fiber network. I have a NEC Aterm 8370N Wireless router at home. Unfortunately, my router only supports single band Wi-Fi. That means, only 2.4GHz spectrum. It does not support 5GHz spectrum. With dual band support you would get much better speeds in the short distances.

So the Wi-Fi speeds are not optimal. Here are my results.





Even with single band Wi-Fi, the LTE performance is lower when checked from my apartment. LTE performance would definitely differ from place to place.

Unfortunately, because it would cost me a lot of money to check the 3G speeds of my iPhone 4S, I cannot provide them for comparison. But I measured them a year ago, and they were pathetic.

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