Sunday, September 1, 2013

[Article] Asus’ misleading marketing about ROG Z87 boards and OC Tuner

Everyone on the Internet must already be knowing that I've upgraded to Haswell because I've written a ton of articles. When I was deciding on which motherboard to get, the capabilities of the AISuite software that comes bundled with the Asus motherboard played a big part. JJ of Asus marketing had posted a video showing the auto-overclocking features of the software some time back and I referred it before buying my Maximus VI Hero motherboard. Everything looked nice and functional. The auto-overclocking feature would test the maximum CPU clock speed you can achieve by running a stress test with every step of increase in multiplier. It would even try to overclock depending on the number of cores used. Please watch the video for all the details. It looks fascinating.

1-Click Overclock to 4.8Ghz - 4-Way Optimization on ASUS Z87

But after I bought the motherboard and decided to try it out, it wasn’t available in the AISuite III software that comes for this particular motherboard. It only had 3 predetermined overclocking profiles called CPU Level Up; not the intelligent auto-overclocking feature (OC Tuner) described in the above video. (This page explains the 3 CPU Level Up values).


When I asked around, the answer I got was that the target audience of ROG boards is different and ROG motherboards don’t support it. That’s total BS. I mean, ROG is their high-end motherboard series, but they would put a crippled software and charge more because the audience of the motherboard is more “geeky”? You are paying more to get less? Looks to me their target audience is “idiots”.

I’ve seen many people complain about this in the forums and the comments section of the above YouTube video. I hope Asus will release an updated AISuite/BIOS to bring that functionality to the ROG motherboards. If they don’t, I’m quite disappointed in Asus. It’s not that it is the end of the world. You have to use the BIOS anyways. Those auto-overclocking settings are almost always not stable when stressed out. But at least you get a starting point to build your overclock on top of. I paid for that feature; I want that feature. Besides, Asus doesn’t state anywhere that the ROG boards don’t come with that feature. JJ doesn’t say that in his video.

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