Saturday, July 28, 2012

I need an iPod Nano to use as a watch, but…not yet

The latest iPod Nano can be worn as a write watch. You can find  write strap where you can mount the iPod Nano and it comes with a clock app to make things easier.


But I wouldn’t buy the current version because it lacks bluetooth that can make this thing so much better. You need to be able to pair it with an iPhone (and also an iPad).

Then it will open the following opportunities that would make it such an awesome tool.
  1. Talk to your phone to activate Siri and make her display all sorts of info on the wrist watch. Would be like talking to KITT on the phone.
  2. Control the music that you are playing on the phone. The controls on the earbud cable only allows for limited control.
  3. View the notifications on the phone. (you cannot really read the emails on it though, but still…)
  4. Cancel the incoming calls from the watch. (Answering them is not a good option because you don’t want to pull a Michael Knighter in this case. :D
Maybe there are so many things you can do with this. But these are all that comes to my mind. Right now, you can only use it to know the time and use the native features of the Nano. (But you would look like a dork if you plug in your earbuds to it and listen to music which wearing it as a watch.)
Still, it would be a very expensive watch.

BTW, Sony Ericsson already has these features in their solution. It’s called LiveView. But I am no Android fan. I am no iOS fan either, but unless Microsoft get their stuff ready soon enough, they might lose a customer. >_<

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