Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New laptop


I moved to a new apartment. It doesn't have Internet so I went to apply for a new connection. You usually get great discounts if you buy a new PC with the new connection. So in my case, I was thinking of replacing my slow UL20A with something that suited 2011.

There were only options really. Either get an Asus UX31 or a MacBook Air 13". Both were available so I tried both of them before deciding which one to go for.

The Asus felt so much snappier and it was much easier to use. I felt right at home with Windows 7. However, the track pad was impossible to use. It was jumpy and this was with the updated driver.

Then I compared it to the track pad of the MacBook Air. It was great but kind of slow. But that could be adjusted. However, when I tried to use the laptop, it was so difficult. I didn't know the keyboard shortcuts. (apparently they are long cuts if you look at the default key combinations.) Anyways, when I tried typing on it, it was so much easier. The mouse pad didn't distract my typing.

However, I have to tell, the UX31 felt snappier. But I wanted a usable laptop, so I bought the MacBook Air. And, yes, I registered for a connection from OCN as well. Kind of expensive, but I didn't want to look around because i needed the connection ASAP. Even so, I'm only getting it on 8th, no thanks to companies being closed till 4th. I cannot help it.

MacBook Air

Anyways, my experiences with the MacBook Air are for another day. I am still getting hold of this "easy to use" OS. That's a big LOL.


  1. I think you're turning into a fruit..slowly, but its happening!

  2. Haha. Don't worry. My main PC is still a Windows desktop. But I am gonna get a console so maybe it will be the end for PC gaming. iMac? Um....we'll have to wait and see.


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