Monday, May 30, 2011

improving the idle power consumption of the CPU with Gigabyte motherboards

Yesterday I found a new option in the BIOS of my Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3 motherboard that I my eyes had not caught before. It's called Dynamic VID. This option was greyed out for the entire time (maybe that was why I didn't bothered about it) and yesterday I found out what it does. Then I wanted to make use of it.

What you specify by DVID is an offset voltage value. But it works only when you set the CPU Vcore to "Normal". When you set the Vcore to "Normal", the BIOS will set the default VID of the CPU as the Vcore.   But if you use DVID, the BIOS will use the stock VID when the CPU is idle, and the VID + DVID offset when the CPU is loaded. This is beneficial only when you have overclocked your CPU (with all the power saving features turned ON) or when you want to undervolt your CPU.

For example, if the VID of your CPU under load is 1.200V, if you set a +0.100V of DVID offset, the Vcore when your CPU is under load will be 1.300V. 

Before enabling this setting in the BIOS, the Vcore was at 1.25V all the time, regardless of whether the CPU is at idle or loaded up. After using DVID option, now the voltage hovers between 0.98 ~ 1.25V. Victory!

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