Tuesday, May 3, 2011

AMD Video Converter missing in Catalyst 11.4?

I was looking for the video converter in the Catalyst Control Center with 11.4 driver, and could not find it. There was only one option to check or uncheck. “Enable Acceleration”. it said,

Your system includes a video converter that automatically converts video files when they are dragged and dropped onto a portable media player. You graphic hardware can be used to accelerate the conversion process.

That’s all. But I remember that there used to be a button to start the video converter. There was an application built into the CCC. But it looks like, it doesn’t come with the main driver package any longer. I do not know from which version onwards though.

So I went into the ATI driver download page and found out that, under optional downloads, it listed a something called “AMD Media Codec Package”. The description was this.

Previously known as the Avivo(TM) Package

  Package Includes:

  AMD Video Converter*

  Media codecs for transcoding applications

  *AMD Video Converter will only work with ATI Radeon HD 2000 and above

So they have separated the video converter app from the main driver package. How inconvenient!

I downloaded it and installed, only to find out that the AMD Video Converter page was just like before. Maybe it needed a reboot, even though it didn’t tell me so. I rebooted and checked the page back. There you go. The Start Video Converter button was there.


When I clicked the Start Video Converter button, the converter window came up.


Then I tried to convert some Hi-def video files captured from my camera, and it greeted me with “unsupported file format” crap. Actually, finding a supported file format was hard word. MOV, AVI, FLV don’t work. MKV, WMV, M2TS worked. I didn’t really let it finish a conversion though.

Apparently, it used the C drive as a temp directory. That is BAD! Shouldn’t it use the output folder or the system temp folder, which is in D drive, as its temp folder? No good this. Have to find something better.

Too bad handbrake doesn’t support GPU transcoding.

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