Thursday, April 21, 2011

Playing Crysis 2

I bought the game off EA store when I went back to Sri Lanka. It is cheap over there. About 4 times cheaper than here in Japan. Anyways, I played through the Campaign and it was fun. It was kinda lonely though, as I was the only one with a nanosuit. The game is playing very well on the HD5870 but it is DX9. I wonder what sort of performance drop we will see with DX11. Doesn’t matter. We don’t have to apply it I suppose.

I recorded a few videos of the campaign as well as multiplayer games and uploaded to youtube (Love this internet connection!). Check them out below. (You can scroll through the list using the arrows)

These days Suresh and I are playing multiplayer together. Too bad we cannot set it so that we always are on the same team. Doesn’t matter. Here are the stats so far. I don’t have all the stuff unlocked at the moment. I am playing with the Marshall these days. It is fun playing with a shotgun. Heck, it improves the accuracy. XD

Crysis stats 2011-04-21

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