Monday, April 18, 2011

G500 lost its middle button and Logicool RMA service rocks!

My 3 month old Logitech G500 mouse was losing its middle button functionality. Too much Crysis I suppose. Now it doesn't work at all. No click sound. This is exactly what happened to my G5. I guess I need to take more care of the mouse.

Anyways, I contacted Logicool about this and they were great. They are replacing the mouse in a couple of days. All I had to do was to upload a screenshot of the invoice and they are sending me a new mouse. They told me to send back the broken one later, which is alright since I do not have to pay for shipping. Now that I have some experience with sending packages NO THANKS to the DOA Samsung F3 drive, I think I will be fine.

People in Japan don't cheat so this must be why they are sending the mouse without even checking the broken one. When will SL ever become like that??


  1. Sri Lanka would take a long time to become like this. My assumption is that it won't happen in our lifetime.


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