Thursday, January 5, 2017

Finally...placed an order for a mechanical keyboard

I had not bought anything "fun" for myself in almost a year and I finally had to do something about it. Today I received a $20 off coupon code from eBay and I thought this was my chance. I looked around for deals on Ozbargain because a great number of deals pop-up when there are discounts on offer from major retailers.

There were few for SSD and hard drive deals, but I was not in the market for either. Well, I am in the market for the 4TB hard drive, but I still haven't had time to go over the idea of strengthening my backup policy I discussed here. There were two deals for mechanical keyboards: one from JB Hi-Fi and one from eBay. The JB Hi-Fi offers weren't really cheap because you could find the products they have on sale for cheaper if you knew where to look. But the one on eBay (well, it wasn't directly from eBay but you could buy it from their eBay store as well) looked solid. A backlit mechanical gaming keyboard with Cherry MX Brown switches for AUD 100. While it still sounded expensive, it was not as expensive as the AUD 150+ normal price for mechanical keyboards from well-known brands like Corsair and Razer. Hence I decided to take a look at reviews if this was my chance to own a mechanical keyboard for the first time in my life.

The keyboard on offer was a Turtle Beach Impact 700, which was unheard of. (Note: If you visit that link, you would know that there is a huge discount on offer on Turtle Beach's US store as well) If you are into gaming, you would know about the brand "Turtle Beach" mostly from their headset lineup. But I didn't know that they made keyboards until today.

The Impact 700 didn't seem to be a very popular keyboard (only 41 reviews on Amazon, with an average of 4 stars) and had only a handful of reviews. They all spoke about the same pros and cons. What I was worried about was the cons specifically, and there seemed to be only three: The price, lack of RGB backlit and existence of NO software to program macros. This particular deal dealt with the price (the RRP is AUD 249, and we could get it for AUD 100!!!), it still supported red colour backlighting for the keys which was good enough for me and the lack of software meant that there would less of an input lag in games, so all the better. Everyone had agreed that the keyboard was very high quality and offered an amazing typing experience, which were what I was after. I was looking for Brown switches because they were suitable for both typing and gaming, while being less noisy, so this keyboard incorporating Cherry MX Brown switches also fitted my requirements perfectly.

I could order the keyboard directly from The GamesMen at AUD 99.95 but then I would have to pay AUD 12.21 for shipping, bringing the total tally up to AUD 112.16. They were offering free delivery on eBay but that had a AUD 24 premium, probably to cover the eBay charges. The AUD 20 off coupon code on eBay brought it down to AUD 103.95 which was the cheaper option in the end. Plus, I could pay with PayPal with buyer protection, so I went with that route.

The ETA is Wednesday next week, which is bit of a long wait for in-shore shipping. But hey, I think I got a good deal on a quality product. I'm hoping it won't disappoint. I wonder if it will improve my "words per minute" score on TypeRacer.

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