Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Luckily, the SoundPEATS QY7 was not a Humpty Dumpty

On last Friday, when I was about to leave the house for work, a tragic accident occurred. I had my SoundPEATS QY7 earbuds in one hand and they got entangled with my right shoe when I bent down to tie my shoes, and the right earbud got snapped. It broke into several pieces. I picked up what I could see and put them in my backpack and left the house because it was getting too late. (Gah, I forgot to take photos again!!!)

In the bus, I got a seat and I assessed the situation. Luckily the wire connections were intact; however, there were some pieces missing. And I wasn't sure if I would be able to put it back together. To make things even worse, a woman in her middle age demanded my seat and since I know how ugly their mouths can get, I gave it away reluctantly. I had to stand the whole way for 90 minutes.

It was a horrible day. I had nothing to do while commuting. That's about 4 hrs total without nothing to do, thanks to our super road system. I could have surfed the Internet on my phone, but looking at the screen makes me nauseous, this time due to the ride being so rough: braking and switching tracks frequently.

I actually found out that I could play Real Racing 3, which I installed to check how good the work of devs of Fire Monkeys Studios was, but it didn't go well again due to the rough ride - I cannot how a steady line on the track, not to mention sticking to the racing line. So I just looked outside the shutters thinking about various things.
When I got back home, dad told me that I could use the Apple Earbuds that originally came with the iPhone 3GS which I him many years ago when visited home. He is still using it, but it looks very old and the battery dies so quickly. I felt saved for a moment. They worked well with my Nexus 5.

Until I tried using them on the road, that is.

I had to pay a visit to the Bank of Ceylon Piliyandala on the next day in the morning, and I took the Apple Earbuds with me. I felt very restrictive with a wire hanging from the phone and also they would not stay fit in my ears. I had to adjust them every few seconds. It was not nice.

After coming back home, I checked if the QY7 could be revived. The buttons missing were the volume control buttons, but I could put it back together leaving their gaps open. Though it looked like crap, it worked fine.

I searched the place in the house where the accident occurred, hoping to find the volume control buttons. I was unsuccessful. My mother had swept the area. But she was willing to check the dustbin and after a few minutes, she could locate them in the dustbin!!! It was actually one piece.

I quickly disassembled the right earbud (I have become quite familiar with doing that now) ,placed the buttons into position and closed it back. It works just like before.

Phew! For a second I though I would have to buy new earbuds.

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