Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The bezel of the QX2710 is opening up...

I bought my QX2710 display from eBay, paying roughly $300 about 2 years ago. It is indeed not as fancy or feature rich as the models from the known brands, it gets the job done.

The QX2710 has one big problem. The stock monitor stand is very week. Even a small earthquake makes the whole monitor wobble while the table lamp hardly moves. Furthermore, the friction between the surface of the stand and the monitor is not sufficient, which makes the monitor lean forward after a few hours of adjusting the tilt. Usually you would want the display to tilt slightly backwards, but in this case it tilts forward. And I have gotten used to it.

Now there is a bigger problem. The tension caused by the weight of the monitor on the stand has made the bezel to warp a bit!!! Now there is a slight gap between the panel and the bezel around the middle bottom of the display as shown in the photo below.


I am not comfortable using the monitor as it is. The only solution as far as I can understand is to buy a 3rd party monitor stand or arm and mount the monitor on it. The monitor is VESA mountable, however there is one catch. A part of the base would stick out of the bottom like a ponytail. To remove it, you have to take the monitor apart, which I am not very keen on performing.

But then again, a separate base would just add more weight to the monitor. This is problem because I plan on shipping the display inside the checked baggage. I cannot predict the fate of the display in the hands of the ruthless baggage handlers at the Katunayake Airport though. All I can do is hope for the best. Perhaps I will buy a monitor arm if it survives the trip.

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