Sunday, November 15, 2015

Smarket gave me more than their estimate for the iPhones


In a previous post I mentioned that I found a shop called Smarket to sell my iPhones. The sent a delivery man to my apartment to pick up the phones, free of charge. I received an email after a couple of days (on Monday) saying that the phones arrived at their shop safely. They also mentioned that it might take up to 2 weeks for them to conclude the assessment due to extremely high popularity with their service. I did not really care as long as I received the same amount of money or as close to their original estimate, and that I received them before I left Japan.

On Thursday, I received another email from them saying that there was a little issue with the documentation I provided as proof regarding my name, age and address. I sent copies of the front side of the Insurance card and an electricity bill. They had asked for a copy of the back side of the card as well. There is not much on that side other than an address column which has to be filled by the owner of the card. I had written the address by hand, but they said it is fine. Since I didn't want to delay their work any longer, I faxed them what they wanted within an hour. Just to be safe, I also faxed my Residence card. I had to pay JPY 50 to send the fax from the Family Mart near the office. I could have used snail mail too, but it is actually more expensive than sending a fax. This is actually my 3rd time sending a fax - ever. (This is the first one, and the second one was sent from the office)

They emailed me saying that they received the fax, but sadly that they could only assess it the next day because it was late.

I received their assessment results on Friday evening. They had agreed to pay JPY 38,000 per phone. This is actually higher than their original maximum price of JPY 37,000. I suppose this was because except for the phone, everything else were exactly as in their original state - packed in their original covers. I did not use either of the Earpods, the wall charger or the lightning cable. I had a lightning cable from the old iPhone 5S which I used for charging both phones while I was at home. I had another cheap lightning cable that can only be used for charging and not syncing, with the portable mobile charger. If you are wondering how I still have the iPhone 5S' cable, that is because I bought a brand new cable from Amazon because the original one was discolored which could bring down the value of the phone by JPY 2,000 as I experienced when I selling the iPhone 4S.

Or it could simply have been the following campaign where they are giving JPY 1,000 more for iPhones, iPads, Xperias and Galaxies.


I had to click a link on their email, which took me to a form on which I had to select agree or disagree with their assessment. I quickly hit agree button because this was beyond my expectation, and submitted the form. I still haven't heard anything from them, because this is the weekend and bank transfers do not occur during the weekend - even in Japan. Hopefully by next week I will be credited with JPY 76,000 in my bank account.

I am so glad that I found this shop.

I just wish they would offer a reasonable amount for the Nexus 5. They don't. They only offer a maximum of JPY 16,000 and that too for a brand new, unused phone. Nobody cares about the Nexus 5 anymore, even though it is still relevant.

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