Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Finally switched to Android

Nexus 5

I took the afternoon off on the 16th because we had to go to the immigration office to extend my wife's VISA. It didn't take too long and we didn't have much to do on that evening. By the way, I had received the call from BicCamera informing that the gift vouchers we were supposed to receive when we switched from Softbank to AU were ready for pickup. So we went to Kawasaki and there we decided to switch to Y-Mobile at the same time.

We received the gift vouchers, 40 of them each worth JPY 1,000. Now I have to find a way to use them or even better, cash them.

So I went to a Y-Mobile staff person and told him that we were planning to switch to their network. Well, it would be Softbank again as Y-Mobile uses Softbank's network. And we decided to go with the Nexus 5 even though I was drooling for the 6-incher. We decided to go with the black one for me and the white one for my wife.

We spent many hours at BicCamera but we were met with a failure. For some reason, registration on the Softbank network failed. The reason given to us was that the number of lines that I own on the Softbank network have exceeded the maximum allowed. That's outrageous because I don't have any Softbank lines under my name. Of course I had two lines a month ago and for one of them I still have to pay the remaining balance of the iPhone 5S. Could it be that? Everything will be settled by next month, so all I have to do is to wait another month. However, I don't want to wait another month because it would incur an additional JPY 4,000 because I will have to pay the higher monthly bill of AU one extra month.

Unfortunately it was quite late after all this and we couldn't do anything about this on that day. So we decided to sit back and draw a new plan. Finally we decided to get both phones under my wife's name. We weren't sure if it was possible when using MNP but we wanted to give it a shot. So the next day which was the Saturday we paid a visit to Musashi-Mizonokuchi where they have a OIOI building and in there they have a Nojima store where they sell phones.

We talked with the person in charge and we decided to try changing the name of the owner of the phones. Fortunately it went through just fine. I settled for the 3GB plan and my wife settled for the 1GB one because she doesn't use the phone outside the house often. I'm not sure 3GB is enough for me but I'll try use it sparingly. That means I won't be able to stream YouTube often, sadly.

There's more. We also got a JPY 25,000 worth of points from Nojima. Although I prefer cash, this is better than nothing. Nojima unfortunately doesn't sell computer components, at least the ones that I would love to buy so spending those points won't be that easy. BicCamera on the other hand items Sofmap which is a premier computer shop here in Japan so sending those gift vouchers won't be that hard.

Anyways, as things worked out even better than we anticipated, we had dinner at the food court despite having left-overs at home.

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