Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Jail-broke my iPhone 5S running iOS 8.1 using Pangu

CaptureIt's been only a couple of months since iOS 8 has been released to the public and we already have a fully functional jail-break! At first, there were a lot of steps that needed to get it to work but Pangu, the tool that's used to jail-break, has been getting updated frequently and now it is as simply as clicking a button. That meant my wait was over; it was time for me to try it out on my iPhone 5S.
Note: At the time of jail-breaking my phone, the version of Pangu out for the public was 1.1 but as of this moment, the tool has been updated to version 1.2.1. You should get the most recent version which would have most bugs ironed out.
I followed the steps mentioned in this YouTube tutorial posted by EverythingApplePro and it came out fine.
Video courtesy EverythingApplePro
He also has a couple of tutorials about working jail-break tweaks so check them out.
Video courtesy EverythingApplePro
Video courtesy EverythingApplePro
Unfortunately, not all of your favorite tweaks are working yet and you cannot download paid tweaks yet - even the ones that you have bought in the past. It seems that this jail-break came out surprisingly quickly that people at Cydia didn't have enough time to update their store. Furthermore, there seems to be a lot of architectural changing happening in Cydia itself; for example now it supports iOS multitasking.
Like always, the main reason for me to jail-break is to install a tweak that can get rid of the slow animations in iOS. The best tweak I have come across so far is Accelerate but it has not been updated for 64bit CPUs (at least I believe this is the reason), thus it does not work. There are other similar tweaks which are not that functional but goes the job, so I ended up using Speed Intensifier. The problem with this is that it even increases the animation speed of every UI element including the busy animation, slide to unlock animation and even the indication where the person on the other side is typing a message in the Messages app.
I also installed a few others, namely Activator, DetailedBatteryUsage, NoAdStoreOpen, PowerTap and SwipeSelection. The last one is acting up a bit when I type on the keyboard normally. So I might remove it if I cannot get used to using the keyboard with it installed. There isn't a setting page for it to decrease the sensitivity unfortunately.
What is good about jail-breaking nowadays is that you would hardly notice slowdowns or battery drain unless you install a lot of tweaks. With the above 5 tweaks, so far I have not seen any erratic behavior, which is quite relieving.

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