Sunday, October 7, 2012

Finding the fastest DNS server for your internet connection

Ever wondered if you could speed up your address translation performance by using the fastest DNS server for YOUR internet connection? Stop wondering, because there is a tool for that.

It’s called DNS Benchmark. It is a free tool developed by Gibson Research Corporation. You can download it from here. (BTW, like all other tools from Steve, this is so tiny for all the things it can do. He is an efficient programmer.)


I guess there is no point in me explaining everything all over again, when Steve Gibson has explained everything clearly on his website. Check it out, run the benchmark and see.

I had my DNS settings at default.


Apparently, that wasn’t good. This is what my conclusions page looked like after the first run.

4 5 6

You can also let the program make a custom nameservers list. Go to system menu (that top left most button on the title bar) and click on “Build Custom Nameserver List”. It will take a whopping 37 minutes to finish. (I wonder if it is different from person to person though.)


These are my results.


Even though when I re-ran the test with the best options it presented, I got the following.



Then I updated the settings as follows.


Then the conclusion page became all green. 

1 2 3



  1. Isn't OpenDNS slower than that? My opinion is that I'd delay 100ms for DNS than fall victim to a poisoning. Best option for me is to go with either opendns or google's

  2. True. OpenDNS is slow. But I am a speed-whore. :D
    However, the secondary DNS server is from Google.


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