Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Changing the internet settings on the iPhone 3GS

Now that I have unlocked my iPhone 3GS, I thought all my problems were gone. But all of a sudden, I remembered something. Inserting the SIM alone wouldn't allow me to use data. I have to specify data settings for Mobitel (the carrier I am intending to use back in SL) to get it to work.

I do not remember anywhere I could change those settings. If I put in a Softbank iPhone SIM, it would work. That much I know. I googled where the settings page should be, but I couldn't find it in my phone. Normally, there should be an option called "Cellular Data Network" which I can jump into. Softbank must have disabled that option. Oh well, time to look for a solution.
There seemed to be many ways to get this to work. I could install a profile with the custom network settings (which I did but couldn't edit the settings on the fly), or I could use a Jailbreak app called APN Editing (which didn't install onto my phone) or hacking the carrier.plist file.
The following guide worked great.
To browse into the iPhone filesystem, use the following guides.
Now I have the "Cellular Data Network" option under Network settings. w00t.

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