Sunday, October 30, 2011

3DMark11 results with HD6950 1GB (CrossfireX ON and OFF)

CrossfireSo far I have only been running 3DMark11 with Crossfire turned ON. All this time I was thinking that the HD5870 I had before the HD6950 (albeit overclocked) was comparable to one of the new cards. That meant, if a particular game was not support Crossfire, I would be running at the same speed as the old graphics card. To make things worst, in some of the reviews the HD5870 was a tad faster than the HD6950 because of higher clocks. (850MHz vs. 800MHz). But buying a second HD5870 for crossfire was out of the question, because the resulting performance was only comparable to a GTX580 which it the better option anyways as it is a single card and every game will perform to the fullest of its capabilities. HD6950’s scaling is impressive and it would always be faster than a single GTX580 – if crossfire was doing its thing.
Anyways, I was curious as to how much performance I would get by a single HD6950 card, so I ran 3DMark11  to find out. (Note that all are overclocked results, because that is the fair comparison. We are not comparing two cards, but two choices.)
Too bad I couldn’t find the screenshot of HD5870’s 3DMark11 run, but the score was 50xx. (@920/1250 but 920 wasn’t really stable that I had to lower it to 890ish to get it stable, so it might not have broken 5000 mark with that clock). The drivers are different though. I must have had 11.7 back then.
Here’s a single HD6950 (@900/1400) Driver is 11.10 preview 3.
Here’s the Crossfired (@900/1400)

That’s a pretty high score for a HD6950! Unlocking the shaders of a HD6950 to 6970’s specs would add only about 2% of performance, so considering that the HD6970 is running at 880MHz/1375Mhz, mine running at 900MHz/1400MHz should be similar to HD6970 performance. Not bad, with stock voltage. :)

And for the luls, I ran 3DMark11 with extreme settings, but this time CF was enabled and the clocks were at 900/1325.


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