Sunday, July 10, 2011

Crysis 2 DX11 + high res texture pack performance on HD5870

So finally Crytek released the DX11 patch along with high resolution texture pack. Now there are more graphics options to choose in-game. But can you bring back the popular saying, “can it play Crysis?”? If you turn up all the settings, it looks as if it is right back in its territory.

I have been kind of playing with the settings and finally managed to settle for a good performance settings while retaining all the eye-candy as possible. The following screenshots will do the talking.

1. All settings at Ultra + DX11 enabled + High Res textures turned ON: 23FPS

Crysis2 2011-07-10 07-40-47-75

2. All settings at Ultra except Object Quality + DX11 enabled + High Res textures turned ON: 40FPS (big improvement!)

Crysis2 2011-07-10 07-40-40-11

3. All settings at Ultra except Object Quality and Shading + DX11 enabled + High Res textures turned ON: 60FPS (massive improvement!)

Crysis2 2011-07-10 07-40-27-29

Sorry I don’t have FPS value in the screenshot, but you will have to believe what I say. Smile with tongue out 

This is in single player mode. I don’t know if Multiplayer will work well. Anything below 40FPS is unplayable in MP. >_>


  1. 60FPS is impressive for that settings =D

  2. 60FPS is in that place dude. when you go outside, it drops to 40. it's fine for the SP, but for MP it feels like 20FPS. cannot aim properly.

  3. apoo ehenam charter, I though 60FPS was the average you get in the battlefield xD

  4. eeka ne. mama baluwe GTX 590 2k wath gannawada kiyala. $1400 ne :P

    ah power supply eka madi wei w00t

  5. ithin PSU eka madi wenawata happy da :P


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