Friday, November 5, 2010

SSD heaven finally

After giving much thought, I decided to install an SSD in thAe laptop. I had two options. I could buy a new drive for the laptop, or transfer the Kingston drive from the desktop to the laptop and buy a newer, faster and larger drive for the desktop. Heck, I still use the desktop 90% of the times. Beside, a faster drive won’t be able to show its colors in the laptop. The CPU isn’t helping it in any way. Only problem with the second approach would be the small size of the Kingston drive. It is only 40GB. It is enough for what I do with the laptop. I use it mostly for browsing. Why would I need a large drive anyways? (in that regard, even 40GB sounds too much)

So what did I do? I went with the second approach of course. Did you think I would even consider the first option? I just wrote it for the sake of completeness. XD

What did I buy? I bought an OCZ Vertex 2 50GB drive. It felt much much faster to use. I t loads apps faster. I mean, it is funny if you can you can feel the difference in app launching performance on two SSDs, but there is a difference. iTunes that used to take more than 3 seconds with the Kingston, now loads within 3 seconds. Firefox is also about 1 second faster. Yes, I know. What can you do with that 1 second? I would never call it an upgrade, but I didn’t just upgrade the SSD. I put the old on in another PC. They are two different things. I had to buy a new drive and I bought it and it is faster, bigger and cheaper as well. Win! Did I say cheaper? Yep you heard me right. It cost my only JPY8800 after using the points I had with that shop. I saved more than JPY1000 with the points. (heck, I didn’t know I had that many points with me!)

Anyways, the Windows WinSAT score went up by 0.1 mark. Now it is 7.7 instead of 7.6 with the Kingston drive.

 WinSAT on the Desktop

Funny the CPU score got a 0.1 increase as well. Maybe it is because of the winter and WinSAT benchmark is taking it into account as well. LOL

Anyways, that is just for the information. But this is for fun!


Look at that score on the laptop. So funny, isn’t it?

Anyways, now everything is good on the laptop. I sometimes feel that I should have gone with a faster CPU. Right now, the only problem I have with the laptop is when I am doing a kinda CPU bound thingy. BTW, I upgraded to 4GB RAM as well. Now I don’t have to use a pagefile as well. Happy SSD.

That’s it for now. It seems I have run out of PC upgrade for a long time, unless AMD’s HD6900 series makes me wanna buy a new video card. Until then, it is a little pause on upgrade from this end.

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