Thursday, February 26, 2015

My Logitech G15 keyboard died


Yesterday I stayed at fine because I was not well. I was watching the match between West Indies and Zimbabwe when the screen went into standby, which shouldn't have happened as the video was being viewed full screen. Thinking that Chrome was acting funny, I wanted to go into power options to temporarily turn off display idle standby. When I pressed the Windows button + X to make the system menu show up, it didn't. I thought I had disabled Windows button but I hadn't. The keyboard wasn't responding to any key presses.

I unplugged the keyboard from the USB port and replugged it. That didn't make any difference.

Then I plugged it to a different USB port.. No change again.

I tried it on the Asus T100 tablet and the MacBook Air. Nothing!

However the 6 G-keys seemed to register something, as I heard the faint exclamation sound of Windows but I didn't have the Logitech Gaming Software installed so I couldn't check it they really were sending a signal. So it wasn’t 100% dead. Just dead enough to be useful.

So what could have killed the keyboard?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Decided to buy a portable battery charger for my Nexus 5

portable battery charger nexus 5

Image courtesy of this video from wwjoshdew

When I bought the Nexus 5, one of the biggest concerns I had was about the battery life. Lollipop was supposed to improve it but it didn't. Couple of days I ran out of juice before getting back home after work.

But after that I removed couple of apps that were using a lot of battery life, specifically ones that were constantly monitoring location. Furthermore, I decided to disable location services altogether when I was at work and enable it when I was leaving the office place. This made my phone last a full day without any issue. I would have about 30% or not battery life remaining by the time I got home. So I could delay the purchase of a portable battery charger further into the future.

But couple of events occurred during the last week that made me change my mind.

First event happened over the weekend when we went on shopping in Musashi Mizonokuchi. Since we went there after noon, I had used up a considerable amount of battery and there was no time for me to charge the phone. This the battery went dead while we were shopping. When I said shopping, I meant shopping for clothes and that means I'm hardly entertained during that period. (I usually use internet shopping when I shop for gadgets.) If my kid was awake, I could have had fun with him but he was also asleep during that time and I didn’t want to wake him up because he would have started crying if he didn’t get enough sleep. And these clothing shops are so terrible, that they don’t facilitate for the husbands who don’t give a rat’s ass about shopping for clothes but paying benches to sit on. Fine, if I had a phone with me as I would have found a way to entertain myself.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

One Drive 100 GB upgrade for existing Dropbox users?


Yesterday there were reports all over the internet saying that Microsoft was offering 100GB of free OneDrive cloud storage for one year if you are currently a Dropbox user. Their plan is to get you off Dropbox and hook you up with their services. I don't know what would happen after the 1 year. They might prompt you to pay for it if we wish to continue using their services. But I do not intend to subscribe so I'll have to move the data off of it before the deadline, which I hope would be reminded to me when it getting near.

I headed down to the offer link and tried signing up with the offer. Unfortunately, it was a failure.

The first time was tried on my Nexus 5. Thinking that could be the issue, I tried it on my Desktop PC as well, and that did not change the result.


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