Friday, July 3, 2015

Benchmarks of the Western Digital Green 4TB WD40EZRX drive


I did a quick HD Tune benchmark run of one my recently purchased Western Digital Green 4TB drive.


HDTune 5.0 read benchmark of WD40EZRX drive

Compared to the 3TB drive that I used to own (and now sold), the sequential read speed has improved slightly (from 114MBps to 122MBps). However the access time has increased from 16.6ms to 17.1ms. You can check out the benchmarks of the 3TB drive, the WD30EZRX from this link.


Crystal Disk Mark 4.0.3 scores of WD40EZRX  drive

The Crystal Mark scores aren’t comparable with the benchmark scores on that page due to version mismatch as well as the tests were performed on an partially filled drive. The HDTune results should be more appropriate.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

When WD Green drives come in Blue boxes

WD Green 4TB

Nojima sent out my new 4TB Western Digital Green hard drives (model number WD40EZRX) on the same day that I ordered them and Sagawa (that is a courier service in Japan) delivered them to me on the next day. Sagawa is always like that. I'm glad that Amazon doesn't use Sagawa. 

They came properly packaged to my relief. These were not bulk units so they came in their boxes. The first thing I noticed was how the boxes were ironically colored blue when the drives were from the Green series. In comparison, the 3TB drive came in a green box.

IMG_20150627_155333 IMG_20150627_225019

The drives came in anti-static covers and were additionally protected by bubble wraps. My old 3TB drive didn’t come in a bubble wrap.

I took them out and connected via the SATA to USB cable that I bought when I was troubleshooting the Asus UL20A years ago. First of all, I launched HDTune and checked if the drives didn’t have any errors. The Error Scan had to be rushed (i.e. I used the QuickScan) because I wanted to backup the data on the Toshiba drive as soon as possible. Both drives checked out fine.

Then I started copying the data. It took a loooong time. Since the converter cable was only a USB 2.0 one, the maximum speed I could hit was 40MBps. I had about 2.5TB to copy. That took me 18hrs straight. And that’s just one drive. The other drive took pretty much the same time. 

I will post benchmarks of the new drives when I find time to install it directly through SATA. 

I am considering getting a USB 3.0 cable but I do not feel that spending more money is worth it. It is this initial backup that was taking so long. After that it won’t be that bad I bet. I intend to keep the Toshiba drive in the PC for a bit longer. Then I will see if I can sell it off price. 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Uploaded 135GB of data in one day!

OneDrive Logo

In the last article I wrote how my Toshiba 3TB drive had developed errors and was facing potential death. While I did order new hard drives to replace it, I couldn’t take the risk of losing the important data (photos and videos of Japan, my kid and the wedding along with other important documents), I wanted to upload them to the cloud.

Few months back Microsoft gave away 100GB of free OneDrive storage for 1 year if you were a Dropbox user and I was lucky not to pass on that offer. I even wrote about it on this site.

So my OneDrive miraculously had 140GB of capacity. I decided to make use of that “free” space. First I organized the data I wanted to upload in the different folders, and copied them to the OneDrive folder on the PC. I had to do it in stages, but I finally managed to find about 137GB of high priority data. I synced them and I am glad to say that I could upload all of them to my OneDrive account within the day.


OneDrive status as shown in PC Settings of Windows 8.1

I really love this internet connection!


Up until now, I hardly used OneDrive. I always used Dropbox perhaps because Dropbox had an iOS app before OneDrive did. After all, it is because of Dropbox that I have this 100GB of free storage.

Unfortunately, I would lose the ability to upload after February next year, but as far as I can understand, Microsoft will not delete the data even if I do not buy more storage. I would not be able to edit or add more data. I sure hope I can delete them and make the account functional again. But I hope I would have setup my NAS before that.

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