Saturday, April 25, 2015

Bought Battlefield Hardline finally


I had been wanting to play the game, but could not find a decent deal until today. Electronic Arts, the publisher of the game was handing out a 40% discount on Origin for the game, so I wanted to grab that opportunity.


It took a while to download though. Not because of the shear size of it, but because the server was slower than usual. Probably everyone was downloading it thanks to the discount.

I could not play the game yet. So from tomorrow onwards, I will probably not be playing Crysis 3 much – if at all. I will definitely miss the Nanosuit. I intend to play the Single Player campaign mode first though. I haven’t played Battlefield in a while so I will need some getting used to. Hopefully I will be able to crank up the graphics to the maximum, at least in the campaign mode.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

My Nexus 5 couldn't connect calls with my wife's Nexus 5

The contact doesn't exist

All this started couple of days ago. Calls from my Nexus 5 could not be connected with my wife’s phone. It always showed as ”Line Busy”. However calls from her phone could be received from mine without any problem. Weirdly, her phone could receive calls from others (also from Skype and Viber) and I could call others as well. The only combination that was failing was I calling my wife.

It was as if she had blocked me. Well,  she hadn't - at least not intentionally. But I cannot trust the kid. There is always something missing from the home screen after he gets his hands on a phone. I try my best to keep him away from my phone.

I couldn't find caller blocking functionality in Android. I was in the assumption that my phone was the culprit since from the point of view of my wife's Nexus 5, it was working perfectly as it should. I reluctantly factory reset my phone. This was the first time I had done it so even if it didn't fix the problem, I thought it would at least be educational.

I wasn't really educational. It didn't need my intervention until the initial setup screen showed up. From there onwards, it was identical to a manual OS upgrade which I'm not quite familiar with after performing it few times. And more important, it did NOT fix the original problem. I still couldn't connect with my wife's phone. I had to waste like 1 hour setting up the phone like was before. I wish it was possible to backup and selectively restore the individual app settings as well.

Friday, April 10, 2015

So much noise coming out of the front headphone jacks


Since a while back, I had been plugging in the headphones to the headphones port on the Logitech Z623 speakers. I could not remember why I did that. Yesterday I mistakenly plugged them into the front headphones ports and then I remembered why.


There is a massive noise inserted into the audio signal when I plug them to the front headphones port. I checked if I could fix it by disabling the mic port for example. It was already disabled.

It has to be the front audio cable or the port of the case. I am definitely not using a dedicate audio card, but the onboard – actually it is not on-board – that comes with the Asus Maximus VII Gene is no slouch. That is one of the reasons I picked this board over the other Micro-ATX boards, because I would not need to buy a dedicated audio card.

Since there is no problem when I listen to the headphone through the port on the speakers which are, by the way, connected to the ports on the same audio “card”. Like I said, it is not on-board, it is a separate solution that plugs into a proprietary slot on the motherboard. And my headset definitely isn’t the culprit as it is a audiophile grade headset, the AudioTechnica ATH-AD500X and again, it works well when plugged through the speakers.

It is not a big deal. I just want to let others who are looking to buy the Silverstone SG09/SG10 cases that there might be a problem with the front audio ports. YMMV obviously. I had issues with the front audio ports of the Raven RV03 as well, but instead of noise, they did not make the headphone jack stick inside. It was always loosen up. Bad, Silverstone, bad!

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