Sunday, March 29, 2015

Japan Cherry Blossoms (Sakura) 2015–Shinjuku Gyoen Park

Shinjuku Gyoen ParkIn yesterday’s post about Android 5.1 R3 update, I mentioned we were just about go out on a one day trip. This trip was to the Shinjuku Gyoen Park in, well, Shinjuku, to see Cherry Blossoms. This is my second visit, but for my wife and kid, this is their first visit. Part of the 2011 company get together – the event part – was held there.

Before heading there, we weren’t sure if Sakura was at full bloom. I’m sure there are websites that report about the current state, but I couldn’t find any concrete information about it. So we had to make a guess based on the information presented on this website.

We hadn’t made a mistake. In most parts of the park, the Sakura trees were in full bloom. Of course there were many trees that had flower buds that were only starting to bloom. The peak probably would be around the middle of the next week. But we won’t be able to visit there during that time, because of work. But we might visit another Sakura sightseeing area in the next weekend as well, just to see if we can gain an even better experience.

But until then, here are some of the snaps that I took from my Canon 70D. (Of course I took way more than that, but my wife and kid are in them, so I would not post them on the open internet.)

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Android Lollipop 5.1 R3?

Yesterday while going through the Google Plus news, I came across an article posted by stating that Google had released a newer update for the Nexus 5: build LMY47I. I do not know or do not care whether other phones have received the same update, though.

Lollipop new update

Today, Saturday the 28th of March, just before going out on a one day trip with my family, I decided to upgrade the OS to this latest version. Just like the previous two occasions, I referred to this tutorial to update.


It went fine without any issues this time as well. Phew!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Was switching to a SFF gaming PC worth it?

Several months ago, I shrunk down my desktop PC from a case with with 69 litre volume to a measly 23 litre one. The main reason for doing that was to move the PC off the carpet and on to the desk, so that my kid doesn't get access to all the wires dangling from the back of the case. (No, I won't get an iMac instead.) It'll be a couple years before he'll be able to access them with the current arrangement, so it'll do just fine until I leave Japan for good. Just be clear that this was not something I wanted to do, rather a necessity.
Would I have shrunken the PC if it wasn't for this particular reason?
There is another reason for making the PC smaller, but I'm not sure about the timing. I intend to ship the PC back to my country when I leave Japan, thus the volume would be a primary concern. Of course, I would be shipping the PC (that's my precious) and if I had the Raven RV03 with me, that would have used up too much space, which could otherwise be used for other stuff.
But still, pure usage wise, has shrinking the PC caused any hindrance?
There are few issues that were definitely caused by the lack of space inside the small case. Having space for only two hard drives,  ironically, isn't one of them. To be frank, having just two hard drives makes organizing data easier for me. One for the data and the other one for the backup of the first drive. In addition to those two 3.5 inch hard drives, 6 SSDs can be installed as well. With the prices of SSDs dropping, the case seems to be suited for the future.
The two biggest issues I'm facing are the inability to install a large CPU cooler and the uncertainty of the upcoming R9 390x WCE's radiator fitting the rear 120mm fan bracket.
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