Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The G500 mouse is too noisy?

G500 vs G602
Not to me, but to my wife it appears to be too noisy.
Now that I have a up-to-date gaming PC after the recent purchase of the Gigabyte GTX 970 Gaming G1 card, I had been paying a lot of attention towards lowering the input lag to improve my gaming experience further. While there are few software tweaks that you can perform to lower it, ultimately the wireless-ness of the Logitech G602 Gaming mouse is causing a bottleneck. Wireless mice are and will always be lagging behind wired mice in terms of input lag; there is no getting over it. 
I have my old Logitech G500 mouse which is a wired one, and I wanted to go back to it to see if I would notice a reduction in input lag. Today in the morning, before leaving for work, I wanted to play a couple of Crysis 3 multiplayer games while the others were sleeping. Unfortunately for me, the primary mouse buttons - the left and the right buttons - were noisier than the G602's.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Should I upgrade from my Logitech G15 keyboard?


Now that I have finally bought myself a new graphics card and SLI is also a bust, I think I am going to go upgrade-less for the foreseeable future. Well, if I have to, I can upgrade the keyboard, but a good keyboard is hard to find and are expensive! I never thought I'd have to spend in excess of $100 for a keyboard to get a good one! How the times have changed!!!

Wait... now why do I need to upgrade the keyboard?

One, because I want to switch to a mechanical keyboard, but only because everyone says that they are great. To be honest, I have never used a mechanical keyboard in my life, hence I uncertain if I would fall in love with one or not. I've seen people claim that they do prefer certain mechanical key switches over others, which makes me wonder, choosing the right keyboard is going to be a hectic task. But then again, it is not possible for me to go and try them out one by one; not because there aren't any showrooms around, but because my wife would not be entertained by that idea. But I should give it a shot the next time we visit Kawasaki. Biccamera should have few for me to try out. That's how I chose the Logitech Z623 speakers when I bought them to replace the Corsair SP2200s, that crackled like crazy.

Is that the only reason to get a new keyboard?

No. I believe I have written about this a while back, but there is a defect in my keyboard. The LShift + I and LCtrl + I key combinations don't register as inputs. Since the "I" key works fine with the RShift and RCtrl keys, I have been able to tolerate this so far. However I run into this inconvenience whenever I am writing a blog post. So, if I want to pile up the reasons to upgrade the keyboard, I definitely would count this as one.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My 4th Gigabyte graphics card is here – the GTX 970 Gaming G1



So here it is. The Gigabyte GTX 970 Gaming G1 graphics card that I replaced the MSI GTX 970 Gaming graphics cards with.

Even though many people were claiming it to be quite long, when you compare it with the MSI card, it is not THAT long. Maybe a couple of centimeters, which is not that much. But look at the width of it. It is quite narrower than the MSI. With the Twin Frozr V cooler, MSI has tried to make a cooler that would cool exceptionally while being ultra quiet at the same time hence have gone with just two low RPM 100mm (read: large) fans. Gigabyte, with their new Windforce cooler that they claim can handle a load of 600W, has gone with pure cooling power with three fans which run at a rather high fan speed but smaller in size. Having three fans and running them at a higher speed don't make it massively louder than the MSI, but the difference is noticeable. Funny thing is that the total fan area is slightly larger with the MSI despite its inferior cooling performance. I suppose the heat-sink design of the Windforce 600W cooler is much thought out, as it comes out at the top in every review.